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As a designer and more importantly a mother, I wanted to create a line of apparel with a clear mission of change, love and hope.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with what's not going right in the world, but it's important to remember (because our children are watching!) that change IS possible, that love WILL prevail, and that together we CAN do anything.  

VISION OF CHANGE was born with the hope to unite not divide, to build up, not break down, to come together, rather than stand alone, and to love not hate.  These messages of change are the inspirations behind the designs you'll embrace here.    


It is my hope that by wearing this apparel, our united message of change will be heard!   Together we will model positivity, for our children, ourselves and the world around us. 


Please help spread this important message.  WEAR YOUR VISION.

So much love and thanks.  


Tara, founder

photo: jodi paquin photography

photo:  jodi paquin photography

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